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Is your Ragdoll an SBT (Stud Book Traditional) Purebred cat?

Look at your Ragdoll's registration papers. The letters that precede the numbers are part of The International Cat Association registration (TICA) code, the organization in which Ragdolls are registered. They explain how many generations of Ragdoll matings are in the background of the particular kitten or cat.
What do the letters in the registration represent?
TICA has three Registries, each of which reflects a different stage in the development of a breed. The Experimental Registry is for unaccepted breeds, or for those with unknown background. The Foundation Registry is where the first Ragdolls were registered (Josephine, Blackie, Beauty, Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, etc.), and the Stud Book Registry, where most Ragdolls are registered, designates a pure bred cat. Cats in this registry carry the letters “SBT,” the “T” meaning stud book traditional. In the case of a Ragdoll, it indicates studs and queens for, at the very least, the last three generations have been Ragdolls in an SBT Ragdoll’s pedigree.

EXPLANATION of TICA Registration Codes:

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